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EST 1975

Music School - Private Music Tuition, weekly basis, 15-20 available teachers.

Music Shop - Music Books, Instruments, Accessories, Consignments.

Instrument & Equipment Repairs & Service - Stringed and percussion instrument specialists.

Practise Rooms - Piano, Drums, Brass/Woodwind, etc.

students become musicians
alumni factus musicorum

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About Us

1975 - Present Day

Caulfield Music Centre began in 1975 on Glenhuntly Rd recognising and serving the requirements of a growing student clientele in the locality.

Through the 1980s the music school outgrew its first small shop front, eventually becoming a music retail store with specialist drum shop, music school and rehearsal studios.

In 2014, after 38 continuous years on Glenhuntly Rd, the opportunity to move into our current premises at 766 Glenhuntly Rd (near Hawthorn Rd) continued our mission to bring music education to another generation local community, turning students into musicians, well into the future.

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Piano Lesson

Music School

where students become musicians - alumni factus musicorum

With around 200 local students being taught weekly by 15-20 music teachers, our Music School reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. Caulfield Music provides an enriched learning environment that has served 3 generations of music students.

Monday - Friday: 11am-9pm *
Saturday: 10am-4pm *
Sunday: 11am-4pm *
* Availability will vary from teacher to teacher. Please call for specific lesson/teacher availability times.




Skill Levels: Beginners to Advanced; AMEB/ANZCA/Guild Exam Preparation, Theory, Fun/CasualAll Styles: Classical, Jazz/Blues, Rock/Metal, Electronic

Beginner Tutorial Specialist for SENIOR starter students $49/45 mins (select times, tue/wed/thu):

At Caulfield Music School, teachers provide weekly one-on-one lessons. This is the optimal way for students to learn their chosen instrument.

- Students must pre-pay a minimum of one lesson in advance.
- Prepayment for a block of 10 lessons in advance receives one free lesson.
- Missed lessons incur full fee unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.
- All Caulfield Music School students are entitled to STUDENT DISCOUNTS on instruments, equipment/accessories, and books.

03 9528 1162

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Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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Our Values

Where Students Become Musicians - Alumni Factus Musicorum

At Caulfield Music Centre we equally respect students and teachers, understanding each of them as individuals. We believe that learning can best be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect, guidance, and direction, and do our very best to maintain those values in everything we do. Our unique approach provides students with a support system that will help lead them down the path to success.

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Music Shop

At Caulfield Music we only stock products that we trust and our staff genuinely endorse. When you visit our store you can rest assured that each instrument has been tried & tested to meet stringent quality standards, we want to ensure that any instrument purchased from us will produce a satisfied customer for many years to come.

Music Instruments

Admira Guitars, Cort Guitars, Cordoba Guitars and Ukeleles, Laney Amplification, Cole Clarke Guitars, Roland Electronic Instruments, Hohner Harmonicas, Premier Drum Kits, Evans Drumheads & Accessories, ProMark Sticks, Remo Drumheads, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Thomastik, Hannabach, Pirastro Strings, Yamaha Sax Clarinet mouthpieces, Yamaha Synthetic Reeds, Vandoren Reeds, Rico Royale Reeds, Herco Cleaner Kits, Electro-Harmonix Pedals, Mooer Pedals and Effects, Jim Dunlop Accessories, RODE microphones,  BOSS pedals and effects.

Second Hand Instruments

A treasure trove of fossikers delights, at Caulfield Music we keep a healthy collection of pre-loved musical instruments, all at suitably low prices. All 2nd hand stock is on consignment (sold on behalf of a 3rd party) so prices are strictly non-negotiable unless otherwise stated. All second hand items are not covered by warranty of any kind unless otherwise stated.

Music Book Sales

AMEB Music Books, ANZCA Music Books, Guild Music Books.  We carry all popular publications, if we don't already have in stock we'll get it in for you.

Call/Email with orders and we can post all books directly to you. Discounts for Music Teachers.

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Musical Instrument Repairs

Music Instrument and Equipment Repairs & Service.

Specialist guitar and stringed instrument repairs & setups.

Acoustic Guitars: Everything from restrings to bridge work, nut replacement, machinehead, pickup installation, fixing that broken (sob sob) head-stock, strap butts etc.

Violin: Bridge replacement, sound post reseating, restring and tune, pegs. Same for Cello and Double Bass and Viola.

Electric Guitar, Bass: Restring and tune, fret-dress, pickup installation, nut replacements, Bridge work, pots, input jacks, wiring, machine heads, Set-ups etc.

Drums: Reskin and tune, lugs, legs, Conga and Bongo repairs. Bolts felts etc.

Electronics, Amplification, PA, Valve Amps: Valve reseating, bias, Tracing dry solder joints, caps, resistor topping, heat-sinks etc.

Restring Price List

All full re-string jobs include old string removal, accurate measurement of previous gauge, overall clean & installation of new strings.

Choose from our carefully curated selection of strings (D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Martin, Elixir, Thomastik, Hannabach, Pirastro, and others) available for purchase.

Restring Labour costs (strings not inc):

Single string (any instrument) $11 - on the spot + string

Complete Electric guitar,  $33 + string set,  2 hours turnaround

Complete Classical or Acoustic guitar,  $33 + string set 2 hours 

Electric or Acoustic Bass,  $33 + string set, 2 hours turnaround

Ukulele  $22 + string set,  2 hours  turnaround

Banjo  $33 + string set, 4 hours  turnaround

Violin  $44 + string set,  4 hours turnaround

Floyd Rose (electric)  $44 + string set,  4 hours  turnaround

12 String Acoustic  $44 + string set,  4 hours turnaround

Mandolin  $44 + string set,  4 hours  turnaround

Cello  $44 + string set, 4 hours turnaround

Instrument Setup Price List

All setups include detailed cleaning, oil fingerboard, polish frets, restring, adjust neck, adjust bridge intonation, adjust bridge & nut action, check all parts for normal operation.

Setup Labour costs (parts & strings not inc):

Acoustic Guitar  $88  1-2 days

Fixed Bridge Electric  $88  1-2 days

Floating Trem Electric  $88  1-2 days

Floyd Rose Electric  $110  2 days

12 String Acoustic  $99  2 days

Electric Bass  $70  1-2 days

Twin Truss (6str Bass)  $95  2 days

Violin  $65  1-2 days

Cello  $75  1-2 days

Banjo  $88  1-2 days

Mandolin  $95  1-2 days

Instrument Repair Price List

The following prices do not include parts and are to be used as a guide only, the cost will vary depending on the scale of the required job.

Fret Polish & Fingerboard Restoration  $45  1-2 days

Electronics Assessment  $45  24hrs

Single Machine Head replacement  $22  24hrs

6 Machine Head replacement  $55  24hrs

Replace Input Jack  $22  2-12hrs

Re-glue Nut  $33  24hrs

Replace Nut (including full setup)  $110  1-2 days

Replace Saddle (including full setup)  $100  1-2 days

Replace Tele Pickup  $50  24hrs

Replace Strat Pickup  $55  24hrs

Replace Humbucker Pickup  $65  24hrs

Full Pickup & Electronics replacement/install  $110  2-3 days

Pickup Hole (re-)routing  $55  24hrs

Scratch Plate replace/install  $35  24hrs

Strap Butt installation (includes parts)  $9  on the spot

Miscellaneous repairs  $44 per hour

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Practise Rooms

Our tuition rooms are available for practise bookings, ring for availability.

Piano / Guitar / Bass rooms currently available at select times $11/hour

Drum room with Premier drum kit currently available at select times $22/hour